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Is Justin Timberlake Returning to Music to Help MySpace?

The singer, has made a big announcement via twitter saying, “I think I’M READY,” before posting a link to a YouTube video which shows him walking into a studio and explaining his absence from releasing new songs.

Timberlake claims music means more to him than anyone else in the world. He says he is the one who is obsessive about it before we even hear it and he doesn’t want to put music out that he just doesn’t love.

Is it Timberlake’s love for music that is bringing him back or is it his investment in MySpace that may be the real reason.

Timberlake invested in MySpace and debuted the new site on September 24, giving it a much needed make over. What was once was the go-to social venue was replaced by Facebook.

While Timberlake has been able to “bring sexy back” will he be able to do the same thing for MySpace and will his return to music do that for his new investment?


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