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Justin Timberlake Releases Artwork for New Album 'The 20/20 Experience'

Justin Timberlake has a new single out, you know. He does. We didn't cover it because it's a bit crap, to be honest, and we were expecting much much better from Mr Trousersnake, so we got a little bit passive aggressive and we just didn't cover it because it wasn't as good as SexyBack.

Anyway, whatever, Justin probably didn't notice because he was too busy having sex with Jessica Biel on a big pile of money.

Turns out his comeback album is called The 20/20 Experience, and look! Here's the artwork! Why, it's Mr Justin Trousersnake himself getting his eyes checked up. Note how they've used a picture where he's behind the robot-looking eye testing machine, and not a picture where the optician is playing with that stupid flappy paddle lense or getting up really really close to look in his eye and accidentally breathing into his mouth. Lucky, that.

But, wait Justin Timberlake doesn't have 20/20 vision! He wears glasses! What is he suggesting? That this comeback album will help us all see more clearly in a metaphorical, spiritual way? Or that we can use the CD itself as a giant monocle (and if so, what does this mean for download-only purchases, eh?) Or that there's a voucher for 10% off laser eye surgery in every CD case? What the hell, Justin?

“I wanted you guys to see this first!!! #albumcover #tracklist.” 

That answers literally none of our questions. Thanks a bunch, JT. For nothing.


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