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Justin Timberlake is Having a Really Good Week

Justin Timberlake is having a pretty good week. He has joined the five timers club on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon has even made this week on his show “Justin Timberweek.”

On Saturday Justin came out and performed as host and music guest on SNL. He sang, danced and did the “Harlem Shake.” He even got to hang out with some of the greatest hosts on the show including Steve Martin and Chevy Chase.

To continue the great “Timberweek,” Justin has been kind enough to let the world preview his whole album on ITunes before it is released on March 19.

Even though fans have a chance to already listen to the album without buying it, Billboard estimates that Justin’s album could sell over half a million albums in its opening week. This has not happened for an album in 2013 yet.

Justin must be feeling really good about his album and this week. On Monday’s episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Justin went out of his way to make sure Kanye West knows he is loved. Justin told Jimmy Fallon “Let me just, for the record... I absolutely love Kanye. So there's that. We love Kanye, right?” The crowd then cheered supporting Justin’s love for Kanye.

Later on the show, Justin performed “Pusher Love Girl” from his new album.

It seems Justin Timberlake doesn’t have any worries right now and is having a good time.

Source: Billboard


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