Justin Timberlake Gives Surprise Performance


Last night Justin Timberlake surprised fans (do you SEE the crush at the door?) and celebrities (think Amanda Seyfried, Kim Kardashian , Kourtney Kardashian and Emma Roberts) when he showed with his hip-hop/rock group FreeSol at Southern Hospitality in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan.

He tweeted the news just a few hours before the event but the police still needed to be called in to control the crowd. This is Justin Timberlake’s first musical performance in FOREVER! He and FreeSol sang Hoodies On, Hats Low which is their new single. He also sang an acoustic version of ‘What Goes Around’. I would chew off my right arm to have been at this eatery!

He thanked the fans and said: ”So you got my tweet, huh?”  Um, yeah. I think anywhere Timberlake shows up it will be standing room only.

FreeSol is signed to Justin’s record label Tennman Record and will perform a free concert TONIGHT at the Big Apple’s Irving Plaza. No word if Justin will perform with them, but I would go just in case if in the position to do so!


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