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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Wedding May Cost $6.5 Million

E! says Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding this weekend (oh, did I mention they're getting married this weekend in Italy) could cost upwards of $6.5 million:

"If they've booked out a whole hotel--and chances are, they have--they're probably footing the bill for all of their guests," Bridal Bar founder Harmony Walton explains. "And if those guests are there for 5 to 7 days, that could be a million alone, depending on the hotel."

It's also common for stars to close down any properties adjacent to a wedding venue to shut out paparazzi; that's maybe another million, if the location is chic enough.

It's also common for stars to spend "as much on a rehearsal dinner as they do on a wedding," Walton notes. And we're probably not talking about just one dinner and then a wedding. After all, guests who travel for a destination wedding should be given stuff to do, right?

"Events leading up to a destination wedding tend to be experiential," Walton tells me. "Maybe they're renting vintage cars for 75 of their closest friends so they can do a car rally up the coast of Italy. If they're getting helicopter tours for their guests to take tours of the neighboring islands, that's going to cost."


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