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Is Justin Timberlake Dating Ashley Olsen?

While Jessica Biel nurses a broken heart stemming from her split with Justin Timberlake whom she dated for four years, the actor turned singer has been off romancing the ladies.

Since March, he’s been linked to Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, and now Ashley Olsen.

The pair of former child stars both claim to be ‘just friends’ but an insider told US Weekly that “They are hooking up” and that “they’re really trying to keep it on the down-low.”


The non-couple have been spotted hanging out a lot recently in and around the New York City area. They’ve been spotted together at the Greenwich Hotel, an SNL afterparty, two Broadway shows and a polo match outside the city.

A rep for Timberlake denies that anything sexual in nature is going on with the pair saying “They are friends. They are not romantically involved”, while Olsen’s rep says that Ashley is “aware of Justin’s reputation with women, but…They’re in the same head space”

Whatever that means.

Do you think the pair are ‘hooking up’? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!


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