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Listen: Is This a New Justin Timberlake Song?

Pop star-turned-actor Justin Timberlake says he’s not going to be releasing a new album anytime soon.

Meantime, we’ll make do with this newly-surfaced track Take You Down, which popped up online earlier today.

The track, rumoured to be a demo produced by The Neptunes, is signature JT. But is it legit?

“All the girls say uh oh, uh oh/ Here he goes again… he croons in the opening verse.

“I’ve seen my magic/ What’s your looks and your religion?/ And I want you to understand that I can make you feel better/ So it’s me and you, my place, sexiness all day/ I’mma do whatever you like, if you cater to me all night, girl,” follows the second verse.

Is this Justin? Listen to the song below:


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