Did Jennifer Aniston Break up Justin Theroux's 14-Year Relationship?


You know, Jennifer Aniston has always played the victim. Even though the official line has always been that Brad Pitt left Jen before hooking up with Angelina, no one believed it, but no one could prove it. Still, Jennifer has played that victim card really well. Now though, there are no doubts and no lack of proof that Justin Theroux and his girlfriend were living together when he started hooking up with Jennifer Aniston. The result? Justin's girlfriend of 14 years moved out of their place this weekend. Now, you could be a cynic and say that after 14 years if he had not made it official, there was no way it was ever going to happen.

Justin's friends say the relationship was already over before he got close, but you know, it is kind of LeAnn Rimes-ish in a way. I understand it is tough to find an apartment in New York, but you should have at least moved out before hooking up with Jen. It will be interesting to see when they inevitably break up if Jen gets the same sympathy she always does when guys dump her.


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