Is Justin Theroux Cheating on Jennifer Aniston?

The National Enquirer reports that “Jennifer Aniston unleashed her fury by calling Justin Theroux a cheater after learning he was still carrying on with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens."

So-called "sources" say Aniston “exploded” upon discovering that Theroux and Bivens were communicating: “In Jennifer’s book, what Justin did was cheating – he was going behind her back to maintain ties with his ex.”

Another "insider" told the tabloid that Theroux has been “calling, texting and e-mailing Heidi without Jen’s knowledge” for months.

And yet another Enquirer "source" says that Aniston was “furious” with Theroux and “read him the riot act, plunging their relationship into crisis” by forcing Theroux to move from New York to Los Angeles because she didn’t want him living in the same city as Bivens.


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