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Justin Bieber's ‘New Girlfriend’ Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke Attacked by Selena Gomez Fans?

Justin Bieber’s rumored relationship with Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke has yet to be confirmed by Roberts Clarke herself, but that hasn’t stopped the Twitterverse from buzzing about it. Both Bieber fans and Selena Gomez fans have had no problem bashing her in the cyber world.

Prior to Monday night, Roberts Clarke had maintained a relatively positive Twitter profile, kindly and diplomatically responding to many inquiries about the relationship between her and Bieber. But more than a few not so nice tweets about the singer/model encouraged Roberts-Clarke to give a slightly different—but still relatively undramatic—response on Monday night.

Her tweet? “Some people make me nervous.”

The “people” her tweet was referring too can be pretty easily recognized. One fan reportedly told her, “please b****h, Justin loves selena!”  The fan quickly apologized to which Roberts Clarke responded, “don’t be sorry.”

Another fan, in response to Roberts Clarke’s tweet that read, “I aint going no where J” said, “that’s a shame, I thought you’d be gone by now considering you have no fans and everyone hates you.”

There were a few supporters who backed Roberts-Clarke, one of whom replied to some of the comments, “don’t talk for others….We love her! And so does Justin…”

Justin, however, hasn’t done the best job of impressing his fans lately either. After making headlines for his “worst birthday ever” in which he was denied entrance to a London night club because he friends (Roberts Clarke and Jaden Smith) were underage, Bieber arrived two hours late to London concert Monday night at the O2 Arena.

Fans booed Bieber when he got up onstage and, of course, put their frustrations on Twitter.

“Someone needs to buy Justin Bieber an alarm clock – or give him a boot up the bum. 90 minutes late on stage on 02 on a school night…poor,” one fan tweeted.  There were also reports of teenage girls crying outside the arena.

It looks like the speculated relationship between Bieber and Roberts Clark is doomed for drama before it has even begun.



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