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Justin Bieber's Neighbors Not Paying HOA Dues Until He Is Warned

Justin Bieber's neighbors are refusing to pay for their HOA dues until the community does something about his driving.

Ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson is joining other neighbors of Bieber in a Calabasas, Calif. community that have had it with him speeding down roads that are often full of children.

The neighborhood is full of 500 residents who pay $1,000 a month in dues, so holding out on paying that much money is expected to get someone's attention.

They want the HOA to give him a warning about the neighborhood rules he is breaking.

Along with speeding down the streets, he has also held noisy parties and allowed his friends to park overnight on the streets.

"We try to get behind gates so we can enjoy our families and enjoy our lifestyle, but you got a 19-year-old kid feeling entitled speeding up and down the highway," Keyshawn said. 

Sources: ICYDK


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