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Justin Bieber Acts Like Spoiled Kid at Restaurant

Justin Bieber just proved that he is still a fetus at heart, because at a recent dinner at a fancy London restaurant, he caused chaos and drew a fake moustache on himself!


According to reports, Justin became the center of attention at the dinner, by drawing the fake facial hair and playing around at the table with a toy helicopter. We can guess what he wants for Christmas…how about some manners?!??

Justin is in London for a promotional visit and took a break from work to visit Mayfair restaurant. He was goofing off during dinner, and refused to stop playing around with the remote control toy.

It’s news like this that makes me weep for the future. You know how many fans this kid has? Bazillions. They are all influenced by Bieber. Scary, isn’t it…the world we live in?

When my kids start doing this kind of stuff at dinner, I’ll lay the blame right where it belongs. Justin Bieber Their dad. Ha!


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