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Justin Bieber’s Mother Cancels His Cell Phone

Poor little superstar! Itty-bitty Canadian teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber is not too big a celebrity that his mommy doesn’t still punish him when he’s bad…

After he got into an argument with his mother, she canceled his cell phone on him! HA!

Bieber’s mom Pattie follows the little guy on tour to make sure he keeps his nose out of trouble.

Bieber told U.K. DJ Fearne Cotton,

“I think every parent and son argue but I love my mom, she’s awesome. I think that it’s good that she travels with me (but) sometimes I need a break because she’s with me 24/7.

“The other day she cancelled my phone plan. We just got into an argument about something stupid and then she was like, ‘Give me your phone!’ And I was like no, so then she went and cancelled it! Tough!”

Poor little bitty Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh!

Source: Justin Bieber – Bieber Loses Phone Privileges [Contact Music]

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