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Justin Bieber's Lawyers Fight to Keep Jail Footage Out of Media (Video)

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A hearing was scheduled by Justin Bieber’s lawyers in an attempt to prevent news organizations from obtaining unreleased footage of the pop star in jail.

The hearing is set for Thursday before a Miami-Dade County judge.

While Bieber’s attorneys argue that they need more time to review the videos, news organizations have complained that there is no basis under Florida law that allows attorneys to withhold the footage.

The collection of media groups has asked the judge to grant it access to the videos and has promised that the Associated Press will review the content.

If the videos are obtained, the AP would guarantee that the footage meet the news co-operative’s standard of publication.

Miami Beach Police have already released one jail video, which features the singer getting a pat-down after he removed his outer clothing.

The video was reportedly released without police notifying Bieber’s lawyers.

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