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Justin Bieber Wears Bizarre Hat

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There's just so much exciting fashion stuff happening right now, what with Paris Fashion Week and Beyonce's animal shoes and now Justin Bieber wearing what we can unequivocally say is the stupidest hat we have ever seen on his head ever in our lives. 

Seriously. Look at it. Look at it. It is essentially a studded hard hat. It's like he's discovered a branch of Urban Outfitters where only builders shop. It is at least, AT LEAST, two times bigger than his actual head. How's it staying on?! Is there a small scaffold system on the inside that is keeping it aloft?


Please feel free to flick through the gallery for countless pictures of this egregious hat fail, and some other shit stuff he's worn in the past. At the very least it'll make you feel better about your own clothes, which may be shit, but they're not bright yellow and studded.


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