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Justin Bieber Wanted by Police for Spraying Graffiti on Hotel Wall

Justin Bieber is reportedly wanted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil police for an "act of vandalism."

According to the Daily Mail, Bieber was photographed spraying graffiti on the wall of a $35 million dollar hotel at about 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Bieber reportedly wrote "Bielibers 4 life," "respect privacy" and other scrawls.

TMZ reports that sources close to Bieber claim the pop singer was told it was okay to spray paint the wall by locals and is pleading ignorance.

Photographers, who took pictures of Bieber spray painting, called the local police when members of the Beebs' security team reportedly attacked them.

Bieber allegedly gave the finger and yelled, "Suck my d---" at the photographers.

The teen singer is currently in Asuncion, Paraguay, but Bieber's Brazilian bodyguards have been giving statements to the police.

Rio de Janeiro military police are investigating why local police did not arrest Bieber after they were called by the photographers.

Bieber had made daily news in Brazil by reportedly going to a brothel, returning to his hotel with two prostitutes (who were denied entry by the hotel) and storming off a stage when a fan threw a water bottle at him in Sao Paulo.

Sources: TMZ and Daily Mail


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