Justin Bieber Urinating Into Restaurant Mop Bucket and Cursing about Bill Clinton? (Video)


Justin Bieber was caught on camera urinating into a mop bucket in what appears to be a restaurant kitchen.

In the video, which TMZ says was shot earlier this year, one of his friends can be heard saying, “You’re not gonna remember him pissin’ in the restroom, like everybody does that.”

The 19 year old is surrounded by his buddies and one older man standing directly in front of him watching quietly as he pees into the bucket. What’s that about?

“What are we bro?” someone in his entourage asks.

“We the f---ing Wild Kidz yo!” another guy answers.

When he is done, Bieber leads the group upstairs to a bar, as they continue to yell “Wild Kidz.”

Suddenly, Bieber grabs a spray bottle of cleaning fluid, sprays a picture of Bill Clinton hanging on the wall and shouts, “F--- Bill Clinton!”

Sources: Fox NewsTMZ


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