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Justin Bieber to Host "Punk’d" for MTV

MTV is bringing back “Punk’d”! And this time, instead of having veteran Punker Ashton Kutcher host the show, they’re aiming for a younger audience.

The network is reportedly tapping teen singer Justin Bieber to host the show. But a trucker hat would mess up his hair!

If all of the details are sorted out, he would be involved in the pranking of some high-profile celebrities. This would also show off his sense of humor. This idea seems right up his alley, don’t you think?

Ashton will remain as executive producer of the show via his company, Katalyst Entertainment.

NY Mag reports:

But if a deal can be worked out, the on-air baby face of the new show will be none other than Biebs. If Kutcher’s past history with Punk’d is any indication, Bieber will likely appear in a few early episodes as a participant in the pranks, then gradually revert to mostly introducing segments. While Kutcher was famous during the original Punk’d era (he was starring on That 70s Show), the actor was nowhere near as famous (or busy) as Bieber, giving him more time to pull punks on his peers.

Do you think he should do it? I think it would be a great idea. For those who don’t enjoy his music, at least we would get to see another side of him.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!!!

source: MTV Bringing Back Punk’d, With Host Justin Bieber - [ny mag]

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