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Justin Bieber Nails Cop in Crotch with Water Balloon

Justin Bieber pelted a cop with a water balloon right in the crotch and got away with it! Now that’s some celebrity justice right there.

You know if you or I did that, we would be sulking in jail, with an assault charge. But, because the Biebz is THE BIEBZ, he got away with it with only a comment from the officer, calling it “inappropriate”.

Justin Bieber: “Crotch Balloon Pelter Extraordinaire”. Somehow I doubt that he’ll be adding that title to his resume anytime soon.

E Online reports:

An eyewitness tells E! News that a state trooper—soaked below the belt courtesy of a direct Bieber balloon hit—was ready to slap the cuffs on the teen prior to his sold-out performance at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday, but that Bieber’s bodyguard managed to talk him out of it.

Thank God for bodyguards! Ha. Justin almost got his underage butt arrested. Now that would have been funny.

What do you think? Should he have gotten away with it? Or are we making a big deal out of nothing? Pure clean fun??? Sound off in the comments below!!!

source: Justin Bieber Not Busted After Nailing Trooper With Water Balloon, Thanks to His Bodyguard - [E online]

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