Justin Bieber Texting Selena Gomez, She Blocks Calls


Justin has been constantly texting his ex Selena Gomez, and apparently, he want another shot with her. Justin wants to show Selena the true meaning of what it’s liked to be loved like a love song, and he is pulling out all the stops.

Justin has been constantly texting Selena, and according to a source:

“The problem in the first place is that Selena was a little bit of a jealous girlfriend and Justin wasn’t really taking her feelings into regard. Justin doesn’t see texting other girls as cheating, but he’s promised Selena he’ll stop if she takes him back.”

The source continues to state that Justin has been trying to stay in Selena’s good graces and has also promised to share his swag with her, because we all know Justin is overflowing with…swaggy…ness. Also, despite rumors that Justin proposed to Selena, or that Selena is jealous of Justin’s career, those rumors are not true. Justin knows that getting married would alienate his fourteen year old fans, and that is essentially 90% of his fan base, with the other 10% being hostages that have been forced to listen to him.

Constantly texting a woman has never worked for me, let’s see if it works for the Biebs (spoiler alert: it will).


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