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Justin Bieber Stands on Chicago Blackhawks’ Indian Head Logo

Justin Bieber was in Chicago to perform at the United Center on Tuesday night, but before he hit the stage, the pop singer took a picture with the Stanley Cup won by the Chicago Blackhawks.

After his Stanley Cup moment, Bieber took out his cell phone and stood on top of the Blackhawks’ Indian head logo to take a picture, notes CBS Los Angeles.

However, no one, not even team members, is allowed to step on the Indian head logo, but apparently Blackhawks' executives made an exception for the singer.

Bieber was also given a  No. 6 “Bieber” Blackhawks jersey.

Earlier this week, a video (below) showing Bieber urinating into a mop bucket inside the kitchen of a New York City restaurant was published by TMZ.

In the video, Bieber sounds as if he is trying to talk like a black rapper while laughing about his odd bathroom habits.

He left the kitchen after spraying some cleaning fluid on President Bill Clinton's picture and yelling "f--- Bill Clinton."

Source: CBS Los Angeles and TMZ


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