Justin Bieber Says he Used to Get Suspended from School Every Year

Speaking with the Todayshow, Justin Bieber said he hasn’t always been a good kid. He used to be a wigger with attitude. Eazy-E just rolled in his grave. He tells Ryan Seacrest, “I got suspended from school like every year.” What a little badass. Did he put on a leather jacket and run a comb through his hair after he said that?

Justin’s mom, Pattie Malette, didn’t want the world thinking her son was a troublemaker so she tried to smooth things over claiming Justin was a leader.

“You know, I had a teacher tell me I have 30 students and one. When he’s [Justin] good; the whole class is good. When he’s bad; the whole class is bad,” she said.

Well, yea. When some attention starved kid is making fart noises in class, of course it’s going to rile everyone up. And if it didn’t, Bieber would probably escalate until he did. He was probably one step away from jumping up and down on his desk screaming, “Hey, pay attention to me! I’m doing something zany!” Except, he’d say it like, “Yo yo yo. Look at dis homeboy actin’ craazy!” and he’d wave his hands around like how the rappers in those videos he watches do and then the one black kid in class would just shake his head and try to hide his face.


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