Justin Bieber Acts Bratty on Plane


Justin Bieber was labeled a security risk by a Qantas flight attendant after acting like an all-around brat on a flight last week. From The Australian:

Bieber was leaving Sydney yesterday afternoon to continue the Australian leg of his My Worlds tour when the 17-year-old singer and a bodyguard wandered to the back of the aircraft as the seatbelt sign was switched on.

Cabin staff demanded the pair return to their seats in the pointy end of the plane, with Sky News reporting an attendant told Bieber he was breaching security - and that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one. It is believed the sheepish singer immediately returned to his seat and later apologised to staff for his pre-flight wander.

The fact that Justin thinks he's above the law isn't what's most surprising about this story. The kid's a celebrity teenager, of course he's going to act up. What's surprising is the fact that he wasn't sitting in first class. What, did his mom ground him and force him to fly business class for a month. "But mom, they don't even give you a warm towel pre-flight in business class!"


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