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Photos: Justin Bieber Makes Out With Jasmine Villegas

Justin Bieber has a girlfriend, or at least is kissing a girl.

Justin Bieber was caught kissing Jasmine Villegas, a.k.a., the girl who stars in his "Baby" music video.

Photos of Bieber, 16, and Jasmine Villegas,16, kissing in the back of a Honda were leaked today (Tuesday) by the celebrity website TMZ. The photos were taken by a Canadian tourist in Venice, CA, who just happened upon the kissing session. Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas had been rumored to be dating, but they have both denied it.

Not only does Jasmine Villegas star in the "Baby" music video, she is also the opening act on Bieber’s hugely popular My World concert tour.   

Jasmine Villegas is an up-and-coming R&B and pop singer. In March 2010, she released her debut single “Serious.” Jasmine has recently been signed by Sony Records and has also had several acting roles.

Hopefully Jasmine has extra bodyguards now that the photo of the pair kissing is out. Kim Kardashian had to deal with death threats when she worked with Bieber.


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