Justin Bieber Has Diva Fit on Aussie TV


Justin Bieber, the tween who is making millions off other tweens for singing the same old stupid "Baby, Baby, Nooo," song, thinks he is all that at just 16 years old. So much so that he told off an Australian TV show producer where he was making an appearance.

As RadarOnline reports:

The Canadian pop star allegedly swore at an Australian television staffer, telling a floor manager: "Don't ever f**king touch me again."

The 16-year-old appeared on breakfast show Sunrise in April. Now, according to the show’s host, Bieber needed “a slap” after his diva-like performance.

“But our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform, and (Bieber) turned around and said to him: ‘Don’t ever f***ing touch me again.’”

Koch said the stunned floor manager was re-assured by Bieber’s regular sound technician that “he tells us that all the time”.

Really? Come on now.



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