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Justin Bieber Laser Tag Assault Due to Homophobic Slurs?

The teen pop sensation was reportedly being investigated for assault in his home country of British Columbia this weekend, following a 12-year-old’s claim that Bieber hit him on Friday during a game of laser tag.

But sources now say that Bieber was only defending himself, and that his accuser was actually taunting him with gay slurs.

Bieber, 16, reportedly showed up at Planet Lazer with two body guards and proceeded to play a round of laser tag with about a dozen other kids, according to

The owner of the facility told the Canadian news site that the singer was kicked out of the building after the boy complained to the staff.

Canadian blogger spoke to staffers at Planet Lazer, who said Bieber “accidentally” hit a boy after being cornered during the game.

According to sources who witnessed the encounter, TMZ reports that the 12-year-old repeatedly went after Bieber, harassing him and specifically targeting him.

When Bieber asked him to lay off and play by the rules, the boy said, “What are you going to do about it, faggot?”

He reportedly continued to taunt Bieber, saying “You’re a faggot,” again and sticking his hand out, which the singer pushed away.

The gossip site reports that the assault complaint was filed by the boy’s father, who had repeatedly announced “I’m a lawyer,” during the incident.


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