JB Kush: Justin Bieber has Marijuana Strain Named After Him


I opened up my local newspaper this morning and low and behold, guess what I see? A photo of Justin Bieber with the caption; ‘Marijuana named after Justin Bieber for sale in Toronto‘.

Wow. I guess our local pot dealers are trying to bank on some young customers?

The National Post reports:

Justin Bieber may prefer the scent of his new perfume to that of pot, but that doesn’t seem to concern the Toronto-area drug dealers who have named a new strain of marijuana after the pop star. JB Kush is sold with a message that reads “To help you get through those tough times with your loved one, and make you closer,” which actually sounds pretty Bieber-inspired.

Rather than taking the hit in stride, though, Bieber is reportedly talking to his team about pursuing legal action for “unlawful use of his name.” Seriously, J-Biebs? Just chill out.

That’s just so wrong. But I’ll admit it, I haven’t stopped laughing since I read it…

Would you light Justin Bieber on fire? LOL! Or would you prefer his new woman’s perfume?


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