Justin Bieber Gets Bratty During Bizarre Deposition Video


Photographer Jeffrey Binion is suing singer Justin Bieber for Bieber's allegedly telling one of his bodyguards, Hugo Hesny, to attack Binion.

Binion clams that Hesny threw him against a wall, grabbed him by the throat, and showed a holstered gun on June 3, 2013, outside the Hit Factory recording studio in Miami, Fla., noted GossipCop.com.

Binion also says that Bieber ordered Hesny to take the memory card out of his camera.

Today, TMZ released videos (below) of Bieber's deposition last week regarding the case.

Bieber displays his famous bratty attitude by groaning, glaring, sighing and storming out when his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is mentioned by the opposing lawyer.

"Don't ever ask me about her again," Bieber told the lawyer six times.

Later, Bieber mockingly called the lawyer "Katie Couric."

The pop singer denied knowing Raymond Usher, but when asked if he knew "Usher," Bieber mumbled, "Uhh, yeah, that sounds familiar."

Bieber added, "I was detrimental to my own career," but later reworded his statement with "instrumental."

"Is this an interview or a deposition, I'm confused," groaned Bieber.

Sources: GossipCop.com and TMZ


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