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Justin Bieber Filmed Sleeping By Mysterious Girl After Brothel Visit (Video)

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After a night spent scandalously in a Brazilian brothel, a video filmed by a mysterious brunette has emerged of Justin Bieber asleep.

The 15-second video shows the Baby singer asleep on a pull-out couch, wrapped in a grey blanket with his red baseball cap by his side.

The shot flips to a brunette girl who smiles and blows a kiss toward Bieber. She is believed to be the model Gaby del Campo, who tweeted a picture of herself with a bundle of $100 bills and the note: “Thanks @justinbieber for the fresh dolla bills”.

Perez Hilton noted that she might also be a Brazilian woman named Tati Neves.

The video’s release is interesting, considering just a few days ago the pop star demanded that a handful of guests who he brought back from a Brazilian night club signed contracts vowing not to take pictures.

"We all had to sign contracts saying we wouldn't take any photographs and if we did we agreed not to publish them,” one girl said. “"I tried to take a picture of the contract but they whipped the phone out of my hand before I could do so.”

A representative for Bieber declined to comment.

Sources: Mirror, NY Daily News


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