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Justin Bieber Fans Brawl Over His Sweaty Towel

Teen singer Justin Bieber caused quite the fuss during his concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 13th.

After he tossed a sweaty towel into the crowd of screaming teenage girls, a brawl broke out.

Several girls in the audience started fighting over the towel, prompting the Biebz to stop the show to deal with the mob. He said, “You can’t fight over it, don’t fight over it…someone’s gonna get hurt. Let it go, let it go, let it go.”

He then said, “Give it to her”, after pointing to a fan.

It seems like these young girls are so crazy for Justin that they would step all over and kill each other just for something that was his. I don’t get the fascination, but then again, I’m not twelve-years-old, either.

Does this surprise you at all? Sound off in the comments below!

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