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Justin Bieber Causes a State of Emergency

Once again, Justin Bieber is causing chaos.  This time it’s in the country, Norway.

Police in Norway are on the verge of declaring a state of emergency in Oslo, after tens of thousands of unruly Justin Bieber fans overran the city, according to TMZ.

Crazed Bieber fans from all over Europe have descended on the city to hear Justin perform 4 new songs tonight outside Oslo’s famed opera house as part of his “Around the World” TV special.

The crowds are growing and the police have lost control. The police are pleading with Bieber to take the stage early before things get any worse.

Bieber is aware of the situation and is tweeting to his fans saying,

NORWAY – please listen to the police. I dont want anyone getting hurt. I want everything to go to plan but your safety must come first.

for the show to happen u must all listen to the police. we are all concerned for your safety and i want what is best for u. please listen

and tonight we will have some fun. love you and im excited to see you all. NORWAY…THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME! #BELIEVE

Bieber is currently in a secret location and will be helicoptered to the stage.

This is not the first riot caused by Bieber. He has caused riots in France and the U.S., as well.


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