Justin Bieber is Booed While Stripping at New York Fashion Week (Video)

Fresh off his second arrest in Canada, Justin Bieber appeared on "Fashion Rocks," a live TV special from the annual New York Fashion Week last night.

Bieber, who shared the stage with model Lara Stone, decided to strip down to his boxer shorts (videos below).

Apparently many people in the audience were not amused and booed the pop star as he disrobed, noted Salon.com.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Bieber and Stone were on stage to introduce singer Rita Ora and the Calvin Klein fashion show.

After stripping down, Bieber flexed his muscles which brought squeals from the audience.

He stumbled on his cue cards, but Stone saved the day with her introduction of Ora, who appeared on stage in a small dress and flashed part of her behind, according to the Daily Mail.

Later, Bieber responded to his critics on Twitter:

Grandma always said kill 'em with kindness...and then strip on live national tv. Lol.

Sources: Salon.com, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail


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