Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to Sing Duet

Justin Bieber and  Taylor Swift are teaming up - and thankfully, it isn’t for another episode of Punk’d.

Although Taylor was Justin’s victim in the first episode of MTV’s revamped reality prank show Punk’d, it looks like she isn’t harboring any hurt feelings. In the episode, Justin lured Taylor to a bungalow in Malibu to work on writing a song together before orchestrating an elaborate stunt that involved Taylor setting off some fireworks, a boat catching on fire, and a wedding being ruined.

While Taylor seemed quite shocked that day and no song-writing was done, it seems that at some point the two did put pen to paper and work out some lyrics.

According to Justin himself, he and Taylor Swift, best friend of his girlfriend Selena Gomez,  co-wrote a song for his third album, due out later this summer.

The Justin and Taylor combo is just one piece of an album that looks like it will contain a lot of collaborations.


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