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Selena Gomez Laughed at Justin Bieber?

Usually after a break up you want to make some changes in your life, like cutting your hair or getting a new wardrobe. No matter what, though, you always want to look your best to make your ex jealous.

Justin Bieber doesn't care about all that.

Recent photos have come up of Bieber sporting large rimmed glasses, purple leopard pants and a yellow hat with spikes. 

According to, Selena Gomez got a good laugh out of Bieber's recent oufit choices. A source says, "She hasn’t laughed harder in a very long time,” the source tells us, “she was embarrassed for him." 

Bieber's sweatshirt and gold jewelry are associated with his normal outfits, but the bright animal print pants is making it easy for Gomez to laugh at his expense.  

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