Julianne Moore Talks About Her Newest Role In 'The English Teacher'

Julianne Moore has made a successful career out of playing every day women with sometimes complex issues. In her newest film, The English Teacher, Moore plays 40-year-old Linda Sinclair, who lives alone with her two cats. When she runs into a former student, played by Michael Angarano, Sinclair’s boring world gets turned upside down.

“She is someone that has really only lived in stories and a narrative and really believes that there is a certain way to do things,” Moore said at a press day for The English Teacher in NYC that Opposing Views attended. “She keeps herself somewhat confined and not in the real life, which is messy and unpredictable and difficult and so it’s kind of through this process that she actually really starts to live a genuine life and loses some of her naivety in a good way. There’s sweetness to her because she does believe in the best in everything. The process is great because she’s able to truly kind of grow up too.”

As Moore’s character may seem like a simple woman, a lot of complexity comes out of Sinclair as the movie goes on. Moore explained that the many different facets of Sinclair are what drew her to the role. 

“I related to her, I was like that too. I was that kid that read all the time and won the summer library reading contest and kind of was more comfortable in books and academia then I was in other things and only ended up in actor’s school because I couldn’t do anything else” Moore explained. “For me Linda was somebody [I related to]; I could have been the English teacher. I could have done that, if I had a different trajectory to my life; that’s a world I would have been very comfortable in, so I sort of understood her.”

The English Teacher opens in theaters May 17 and also stars Nathan Lane, Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins


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