Jude Law Can Legally Make Ex-Wife Take Scandalous Info Out of Her Memoirs

Sadie Frost has been writing a book for some time now. The book, entitled Crazy Days, is supposed to be about her life. Naturally her life includes a significant portion with Jude Law. Well, Jude recently slapped her with a 100 page Writ which demanded she take out entire sections of her book. This week, Jude won. That is not something you would see happen here in the States, so I am wondering if she can get the original published here in the States so we can see the really juicy stuff.

Jude's people have been saying that all he has wanted removed are pictures of their kids. That seems to be a lot of crap since there have been lots of photos of their kids published including entire spreads in magazines that were shot for the magazines and not just pap snaps.

Allegedly the main reason Jude wanted portions of the book removed were they dealt with his cheating on Sadie which has never really been discussed on the record. Oh, and allegedly the other main thing he wanted tossed was all that partner swapping he and Sadie did with Danny Goffey and Pearl Lowe. See, Jude does not think that people are ready to hear all those stories about him. He especially does not want the cheating stories so close to his wedding with Sienna Miller. Hey, wasn't she the one he was cheating with. Yeah, can't have that.


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