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Josh Duhamel Talks About His Time at a Nudist Beach

Josh Duhamel recently shared a story from his younger years when he backpacked across Europe and stumbled across a nudist beach.

He was excited to go to a nude beach, expecting it to be full of beautiful women, but was quickly disappointed.

"When I was younger, I backpacked across Europe. My most memorable moment was when we happened to come across an Italian nudist beach, expecting it to be full of hot women, but it was full of old men. We had almost no money during that trip, but the wine there was cheaper than the water in the Italian Riviera. I took full advantage of that," he said.

He said he still travels, and so does his wife Fergie.

"I travel a lot and so does my wife, so we've collected some foreign music. She buys interments from all over the world - our house is cluttered with percussion stuff from Kazakhstan and Africa. So if I'm not listening to world music, I'm listening to my wife playing world instruments."

Sources: Girls Talkin' Smack


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