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Casting-Couch Criminal's Son Involved In Murder Case

This is one effed up family. Do you remember last year when I wrote about Joseph Brooks? He is the guy who wrote You Light Up My Life and won an Academy Award for it.

He is also sitting in jail awaiting trial for 91 counts ranging from sexual assault to rape in what is probably the biggest casting couch crime of the past ten years.

Anyway, this morning, police in New York found a body of a woman who was fully clothed and sitting in a hotel room bathtub. It appears the woman had been strangled to death, and the person who checked into the room was Brooks' son.

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Witnesses from the room next door said, they heard a woman screaming, "Stop. Please don't do it." The witnesses thought it was just people having a good time. Huh? Seriously? Well, I bet they wish now they had called the police.

Instead, the body was found by a maid. The police have still not talked to the son, as there was no one else in the room at the time of the discovery.


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