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Jordan Bratman Moves Out of Christina Aguilera’s House

After being broken up for a couple months now, Jordan Bratman has finally moved out of the home he shared with his wife Christina Aguilera.

Christina originally moved out first, and was hotel hopping until she got tired of it and moved back into her home. But Jordan stayed. Then Christina’s new boyfriend, Matt Rutler, moved in. Yup, all three (and the baby, Max) have been living under the same roof.

Kind of disrespectful on all parts, no?

Disrespectful of Jordan to ignore Christina’s wishes and move out (but I figure that’s because he’s really not too keen on getting divorced). Disrespectful on Christina’s part for moving Matthew in while Jordan was living under the same roof, and disrespectful of Matt Rutler for moving into the house of his girlfriend, who is still married and has a child. Just weird.

Sources say Christina was letting Jordan stay for the sake of their child…but, really?! Not sure how that helped anyone, including Max.

Honestly, I am sick of Christina and everything to do with her. Yeah, she can sing, but I’m just over her. Jordan will probably be better off without her. You know what they say, "Behind every beautiful woman is a man who is sick of putting up with her shiz!"

Matt, you’re up next!


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