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Jonathan Trappe Trying to Cross Atlantic With 370 Helium Balloons

Jonathan Trappe, an IT manager, is trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a basket carried by 370 helium-filled balloons.

If that sounds a bit familiar, this was the mode of transportation used in the Pixar-Disney film "Up" a few years ago.

Trappe took off today from Caribou, Maine in the morning fog after 150 volunteers filled the helium balloons last night, noted The Guardian.

His trip could cover 2,500 miles and will likely last three to five days. Depending on the weather, Trappe may touch down anywhere between Iceland and Morocco.

He is using weather data from the same meteorologist who helped daredevil Felix Baumgartner with his record-setting skydive last year.

"Weather is absolutely the most dangerous factor. It's the only thing that will carry me across, but bad conditions could also ruin the attempt or endanger my life," said Trappe, right before he took off.

According to his website, the North Carolina balloonist has been working on this bizarre trip for two years.

In an update this afternoon, Trappe said he was traveling over 50 mph while crossing the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

People can watch Trappe's progress on this satellite map.

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