Flight Attendant Sues Jonathan Rhys Meyers Over Drunken Rampage


Last May, Jonathan Rhys Meyers tried to board a United Airlines flight at 6am. He was stopped because he was drunk. Jonathan went on the rant of all rants and screamed and yelled and allegedly also assaulted and hit one of the women who was trying to stop him from boarding the plane. As a result, Jonathan has been banned from ever flying on United Airlines again.

Do you know how bad you have to act for an airline to never want your first class dollars again? Well, it was so bad that the woman who was allegedly assaulted and hit has filed suit against the actor and is seeking more than $15K for her pain and suffering. She says that since the incident she has been unable to work and has suffered permanent physical and emotional distress.

I think it is just her wanting some money. You know that in her position she has probably been yelled at and abused at some point in her career but this is the first time she has sued and it just so happens to be against a guy who has a great deal of money. Was Jonathan an ass? Absolutely. Should he be banned? Yep. Should this woman get rich because he yelled at her? Nope.


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