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Jonah Hill Wants to Play Serious Roles

As anyone who knows an actor or actress will testify, if there's one thing the human race needs more of, it's dramatic acting. Not comedic acting, no, with the western world currently turning to shit as it seems to be, we already spend too much time laughing and trying to enjoy ourselves. What we need now more than ever is serious actors being serious about serious subjects.

So in steps Jonah Hill, a man who made everyone laugh in Superbad, Knocked Up and Get Him To The Greek (kind of, although it was never explained how he got off the island in Sarah Marshall), but who is now sick of all that nonsense and instead wants to make everyone cry. Thank god for that.

Speaking to the LA Times he explained why he was tired of making pioneering comedy, and how much he'd matured. Laughter is for kids. Silly kids.

"I came out in comedies when I was first introduced to people, and very few people, like Tom Hanks and Robin Williams, have been able to transition. To have this kind of recognition - it means I should do more dramas. I don't know if there could be a bigger sign."

"I was thrilled that [Tarantino] wanted me to be in it [Django Unchained], and I've been offered a lot of dramas since. As I mature, my sensibilities have changed. 

"I think once you get to a certain place, your career is all about delegating time and what you want to spend your time doing. I've made a lot of comedies in a really short amount of time, and they've been ripped off every which way to Sunday. So it's not as exciting to do those anymore."

What a nice guy he's becoming.


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