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Jon Stewart Turns 'The Daily Show' Over to John Oliver (Video)

Jon Stewart handed "The Daily Show" over to the program's British correspondent John Oliver on Thursday night (video below).

“I’m headed to where stars are born. The Middle East in the dead of summer,” announced Stewart.

The host told his audience that he was temporarily leaving his Comedy Central show to direct the film "Rosewater" about Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, who was arrested after appearing on "The Daily Show" in 2009, reports

“One of the things he was interrogated about was being in contact with an American spy,” explained Stewart.

Thanks to an international campaign, Bahari was released and wrote a book called And Then They Came For Me.  He and Stewart adapted the book into a script for the film.

While Stewart talked about the project, Oliver placed Stewart’s pen collection down his pants and measured the drapes on "The Daily Show" set.



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