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Jon Stewart Bashes Obama for Not Knowing About Benghazi, IRS or AP Scandals (Video)

For the second consecutive evening, Jon Stewart dedicated the opening segment of his show to bashing President Barack Obama over the flurry of scandals his administration has been hit with in recent days.

Stewart opened Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show by noting that President Obama seems to use the same bizarre response whenever he is confronted by uncomfortable news: I didn’t know about it until you reported on it.

Understandably, Stewart couldn’t quite process how the President of the United States could possibly have been kept in the dark on the IRS targeting conservative groups and the Justice Department snooping on Associated Press reporters – particularly since both cases could be traced back to problems the administration was having at various points last year.   

“You know,” Stewart said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama learned Osama bin Laden had been killed when he saw himself announcing it on television.”

You can check out the entire segment in the video below.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Source: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


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