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Jon Gosselin in Money Trouble with Exes Hailey and Kate

Just last week Kate Gosselin's own spin off to Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered on TLC, but it's Jon Gosselin who might need another reality show of his own to pay the bills. The one-time reality father is said to have had to borrow money from ex-GF Hailey Glassman to pay Kate Gosselin. Glassman took money out of her bank as a "loan" to Jon. Now Hailey wants her money, and Jon doesn't have any to pay her.

As RadarOnline reports,

Glassman has been tweeting for months that Jon owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars. She says she loaned him the money when they were dating. has exclusively obtained a copy of a check that Hailey had drawn up by Citibank on October 13, 2009, in the amount of $88,000.

Here's the problem -  Jon doesn't have any money to pay her back.

And has exclusively obtained text messages sent later from Jon to Hailey, saying he doesn’t have the money to pay her back!

“This was back when Kate was accusing Jon of emptying their bank account. A judge ordered Jon to pay her back the money and he didn’t have it, so Hailey loaned him the money,” a source close to Hailey told exclusively.

Hailey texted Jon on Dec. 16: “I’m done. U owe me money. I’m done with ur abuse. U say ur done? I’m done. There’s nothing to discuss. U can call Robbie [Hailey’s uncle] to explain ur bulls***.”

Maybe Jon should've launched that kids clothing line with Christian Audigier after all!



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