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Jon Gosselin is Broke and Facing Jail

Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin has hit rock bottom and completely dirt poor!

Jon is so broke that he can’t even pay his child support and might face jail time because of it.

“I can’t afford to pay my rent and the domestic-relations staff tells me they will put me in jail unless I pay child support,” Gosselin reveals.

“I am a single father who’s trying to make ends meet during a recession. What do I do — pay child support or rent? I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody.”

Jon and his ex-wife Kate had a very public divorce back in 2009 which also called for the end of their show. Kate went on to do a “Kate Plus 8” show while Jon decided to stay away from the lime light.

“I decided to take the high road and quit reality television and now look, I’m going to end up in jail because I can’t afford to pay child support to Kate who has plenty of money,” says the 35-year-old former reality star.

It was being reported that Kate is looking to star in her own reality dating show soon, but obviously Jon isn’t too keen on the idea.

“I think this is completely ridiculous! We have eight children and they need us, she is putting reality TV and dating in front of the kids who need to have their mother.”

Jon has found it hard to keep a steady job due to his former reality show status, but perhaps Kate will ease up on his child support once she hears this story… no, I’m pretty sure she still wants her money.

Poor Jon Gosselin… Good luck!

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