Nude Photo of Joe DiMaggio to be Auctioned


An attorney representing Joe Dimaggio‘s estate is threatening to take legal action over a photograph which purportedly shows the late baseball star naked.   A black and white full-frontal picture, which allegedly shows the baseball player in a clubhouse shower circa 1939, is heading to auction in Long Island, New York.

Bosses of the sports memorabilia sale guarantee the photograph is “100 per cent authentic”, but DiMaggio’s longtime lawyer Morris Engelberg is adamant it must be a fake because the fiercely private star, who was married to Marilyn Monroe, would never have allowed such a revealing snapshot to be taken.

Engelberg tells the New York Daily News, “When Joe DiMaggio went to the bathroom in a restaurant, I always had to escort him. And I made sure no one took a picture of him at the urinal… I could never imagine Joe DiMaggio, this private individual, ever letting anyone take a photo of him in the nude with someone next to him.”

The photo is due to go under the hammer on 24 June, but Engelberg warns he “would proceed” with legal action if he finds out the identity of the anonymous seller.

Somehow I think that DiMaggio would suffer a great mental dislocation and ‘future shock’ if he saw the behavior of sports superstars today – I can see the debate – ‘Tiger Woods and Bret Favre Take On Joe DiMaggio.’


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