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Johnny Depp Rescues Little Girl From Paparazzi

There’s an eleven-year-old girl out there who can call Johnny Depp her knight in shining armor. At a recent press event to promote his new movie, "The Tourist," a paparazzo shoved a little girl out of the way to get a better shot of the actor. But he was having none of it!

He was in NYC to do "The Late Show with David Letterman" when fans were mobbed by the paparazzi. The snapper shoved a little girl out of the way, and when she started crying, Johnny took notice.

He made his way through the crowd to the little girl and put his arm around her. Her ripped the photographers a new one and made sure she was alright. He posed for a photo with her, as well.

How sweet! Johnny loves his fans, even the younger ones.


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