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Johnny Depp Answers Girl's Letter, Visits School

In one of the best stories I have read in a few weeks, Johnny Depp showed up at a school in Greenwich, England, today in response to a letter from a 9-year-old girl. The girl wrote Johnny that she needed his help because she wanted to organize a mutiny against her teachers.

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Well, with just ten minutes' notice to the school, Johnny showed up in full Pirates Of The Caribbean costume along with other cast members from the movie.

Johnny spent 15 minutes performing for the students and dancing with fellow cast members. "He said the pirates were going to take over the school and only eat candy and our teeth would turn black and fall out," added the 9-year-old girl. "But he said we shouldn't mutiny against the teachers, because there were police outside and we might get into trouble."

I am really happy for this little girl. The only thing I ever got when I wrote to celebrities when I was a kid was a big mailbox full of nothing, so yay for Beatrice. (Thanks Aimee)


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