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John Travolta Paid Out $84,000 For Sexual Assault Lawsuits Last Year?

According to a document obtained by Gawker, John Travolta paid out at least $84,000 to settle several sexual assault lawsuits last year.

The report comes from an internal document obtained by the website showing insurance claims being made by Travolta's production company, Constellation Productions, Inc., for at least six parties "alleging sexual assault."

However, according to a statement made by Travolta's attorneys to the Huffington Post, the payments were not settlements, but rather costs and expenses incurred.

The Huffington Post writes: In an email, lawyers for John Travolta told the Huffington Post that the document obtained by Gawker does not reflect that any settlement payments were paid out, but rather it reflects cost and expenses incurred, which they say is consistent with legal fees being paid in connection with the defense of lawsuits that were filed. Additionally, Travolta's legal team would not comment on the authenticity of of the document obtained by Gawker.

Travolta was hit with multiple sexual assault lawsuits last year. In May 2012, two unnamed masseurs both sued Travolta for assault and sexual battery, with one claiming the actor, "began rubbing the masseur's leg, touched his scrotum and the shaft of his penis" after having stripped naked during an appointment. Both men were seeking $2 million in punitive damages and also sued Travolta for sexual harassment. Both men eventually dropped their suits.

In June 2009, cruise ship steward Fabian Zanzi filed a suit against Travolta, in which alleging Travolta asked for a neck massage, and then exposed his erect penis and forcefully embraced him. Zanzi claimed that Travolta offered to pay him $12,000 to keep quiet about the alleged incident. In February, both parties agreed to drop the case, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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